One Arm Bandit – A Classical Game Has Gone Online

The one arm bandit is an entertaining slot machine where you need to rotate drums and collect combinations of images to get a win. This kind of entertainment popped up at the end of the 19th century in the United States of America. Such an exotic name was obtained by the slot machines because their first mechanical samples had one lever for launch.


Firstly, such slot games were presented at the drinking venues as an added bonus for bringing prize money. Today, they are presented both in regular establishments and in online casinos. Modern one-armed bandits are created mainly with five drums and have many secrets, bonuses and interesting gambling tips.

Why Do You Need a Free Session?

Free gambling slot machines can be viewed not only as entertainment but also as a handbook that can be thoroughly studied before starting a real game. Paid slots require you to input money on your balance. Slots, designated as “gratuitous”, already offer a virtual amount on the user’s balance. That is, such entertainments do not involve loss of money, but also do not allow receiving real winnings.

Basic Terms and Concepts

To start a game, you should try to master the key terms and concepts that will be encountered during the game. Usually, the interface and the info panel display the maximum information. However, a beginner who does not know the terminology will need some time to understand meaning of some basic titles, actions, images and mechanisms.

In order to make it difficult to get acquainted with the game, consider the key terms used in the slots.

  • Drums are vertical columns on which images are located. Most often, slots with three or five reels are offered. There are also one-armed bandits with a large number of wheels.
  • Rows are horizontal lines in which images appear. Most automatic machines provide three lines.
  • Payment line is a line with a combination of images on which rewards. The line can be horizontal, diagonal, and also broken, capturing various positions of the pictograms on the drums.
  • Payouts are a certain amount of credit that is charged to a player’s account when a winning combination or certain conditions are fulfilled.
  • Combinations are chains of identical images (symbols), arranged in a strict sequence on the drums.
  • The symbols are the drawings that take part in the game, appearing on the drums.
  • A wild symbol is an image that complements any combination of images, replacing itself with a missing one.


The one armed bandit is a significant  part of casino gaming folklore, but a lot of online casinos still feature classic slots that continue in an arm, even if it’s just there for decoration.

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